2013 Chevy Colorado Used Mud Truck For Sale

Chevy Colorado Used Mud Truck is for sale in Millington and please find the specifications of the Mud Truck.If you are interested please reach out to phone number highlighted below the post.
  • Factory frame just been strengthened and lengthened in front
  • Leaf Spring setup
  • Traction bars
  • Built 400 transmission
  • Torque converter
  • Setup for both BBC and SBC
  • Motor Plates Front/mid
  • 208 Transfer Case
  • Rear pinon Brake
  • Kirkey Alum Seat with head support
  • Extra black poly high back for passenger side
  • 5 point harness for driver side
  • Electric Hydraulic steering
  • Full roll cage
  • Full electrical
  • Two batteries
  • 8 gallon fuel cell 
  • BG400 Fuel Pump
  • BG regulator
  • Alum ½ Fuel line to front
  • Plexiglas windows
  • Truck is fully skinned out metal body
  • One ton axle’s 5:13 gears 60 front open, 14 FF Rear welded
  • Extra 4:56 gears for front
  • Uprite headers with flappers
  • Sold with stickers on it but Name Don’t go with Truck
  • Radiator and fan
  • Shifter
  • Sold with stock rims and tires
  • Drop in Motor, bolt up mud tires and go racing

Used Truck For Sale

Price: $8000.00 OBO
Location: Millington MI 48746

Seller Phone Number: (989) 574-5756